Design and construction of industrial chemical plants studied according to the chemical and physical characteristics of the liquid products treated.

Experience and technology in the design and construction of facilities for the chemical industry.


The solutions proposed among the chemical plants are the result of decades of experience gained in the design and production of plants: from the paint industry to the cosmetics industry.

GRANZOTTO plants and systems can be integrated into existing production realities, bringing efficiency, product recovery, automatic control, optimized management.

The chemical industry is a large sector that includes the processing of very different products, each one characterized by peculiar properties and unique behaviour. Although each branch of the chemical industry is substantially different, the presence of liquid substances to be transferred via piping is a constant. Granzotto operates in various sectors belonging to the chemical industry and knows the problems associated with the processing and handling of various substances.

Plants for the chemical industry are built by Granzotto following rigorous procedures and adopting solutions that are also suitable for contact with highly corrosive substances, flammable or explosive substances, substances dangerous for man and the environment or substances that are particularly difficult to handle.

Before building a new plant, Granzotto’s engineering department evaluates the customer’s objectives and needs, analyses the available spaces, studies the nature of the product to be handled and the regulatory requirements related to safety. After discussing the solutions with the customer, Granzotto independently organizes the work, takes care of the installation, the start-up and commissioning of the plant.



Industrial plants and systems, for the complete management of liquid products in the food, chemical and oenological sectors