We design and build plants for the production of fruit juices, proposed with highly engineered, reliable and innovative solutions.

Experience, competence and technology at the service of fruit juice producers.

We design and create customized solutions for the industrial production of fruit juices and soft drinks, with automatic plants and systems.

Natural fruit juices are produced from fresh fruit, which is processed manually or through automatic cutting and extraction plants and systems.

The production of natural juice takes place through a hot process of pasteurization and treatment.

The automatic systems and plants for the production of natural fruit juice guarantee the perfect dosage of sugar and aromas during processing.

The process temperature is constantly kept under control through the G-TECO systems, which act in synergy with the G-AUX solutions for steam generation and dosing, water treatment and osmosis, production and distribution of nitrogen and compressed air.

All GRANZOTTO installations are made according to the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.

The plants and systems for the production of juice from concentrate are provided with customized design, construction and installation.

The plants made by GRANZOTTO for the production of fruit juice can benefit from the extensive experience of the design team and from the wide range of products that GRANZOTTO offers. G-PLANT, which involves the design of the entire production plant with a wide choice of production range, from 2,000 to 20,000L/h.

The use of the PIG allows to reduce product waste, reduce washing and sanitization times and costs, maintaining the plant in high hygiene and cleaning conditions, with a positive impact on the quality of the finished product. G-RECO Pigging systems of in-line product recovery can be integrated into the G-MOVE product transport and G-CLEAN CIP washing solution.

GRANZOTTO solutions for fruit juice can be managed completely automatically through the family of G-CONTROL solutions.

Complete installation for the management of liquids and fluids
Piping for the transfer and distribution of liquids and fluids
automation and software for process management and monitoring
Pigging system for product recovery
Cleaning in place for the hygienic treatment of plants
Process temperature management and control
modules tested and ready to use
auxiliary and complementary services for process plants


Industrial plants and systems, for the complete management of liquid products in the food, chemical and oenological sectors