Our highly engineered and innovative solutions for oil production plants are supported by our extensive experience, competence, and advanced technology, all designed to serve the needs of oil producers.

For many years, Granzotto has been present in the oil market, with particular attention to olive oil production plants.

During the design of these plants, it is essential to consider the chemical, physical, and rheological properties of the substance, especially the viscosity which tends to increase significantly at lower temperatures, potentially leading to product solidification.

We design and build production plants for different types of food oils, including olive oil, sunflower seed oil, palm oil, and soybean oil. Each oil production plant created by our team of experts is designed considering the wide range of products offered by the company and the specific behavior of the product in question.
Among these, the pigging system is particularly interesting for recovering residual products in the pipelines.
The use of PIG allows to reduce product waste, washing and sanitizing time and costs, while maintaining the plant in optimal hygienic and clean conditions, with a consistent improvement in the quality of the finished product.
To ensure maximum hygiene, G-Clean CIP (clean-in-place) systems are available, to carry out cleaning and sanitizing operations in an efficient and automatic way.

Oil production plants

Complete installation for the management of liquids and fluids
Piping for the transfer and distribution of liquids and fluids
automation and software for process management and monitoring
Pigging system for product recovery
Cleaning in place for the hygienic treatment of plants
Process temperature management and control
modules tested and ready to use
auxiliary and complementary services for process plants


Industrial plants and systems, for the complete management of liquid products in the food, chemical and oenological sectors