Plants and systems for the production of alcoholic beverages with highly engineered, reliable and innovative solutions, in terms of both design and construction of food distillates (brandy, wine spirits, grappa, whisky) production plants.

The decades-long experience has led Granzotto to expand its skills to the treatment of solid and liquid raw materials (marc, wine, fruit, etc.), and the construction of distillation plants and systems that enhance the organoleptic characteristics and specific qualities of the bases used. For this purpose, it he conceives tailor-made projects, guaranteeing flexibility and maximum precision in the plant engineering and electronic solutions adopted.

The continuous research, the careful choice of the materials used and the construction typologies chosen allow to create plants and systems efficient and personalized for the production of distillates, suitable for the specific needs of the customer.

Design for customized installations.

The construction of Granzotto solutions always respond to the specific needs of each customer, to the nature of the raw materials used and to the type of processing needed. Technological research is the value that inspire the company and allows it to respond in a functional, immediate and punctual way to the specific design requests of each distillery.

The company, therefore, stands out for the countless and innovative tailor-made plants and systems, which guarantee modern and continuously updated processing plants, a process of control of the raw materials and of the various phases of the production and storage of the distillates.

Deep and constant research carried out by Granzotto lead to advanced technology in order to satisfy the needs of distillate producers, with design accuracy and in compliance with current regulations. The Granzotto company, in fact, does not just build a plant but suggests the best solutions considering the peculiarities of the raw materials involved and the techniques adopted, in order to guarantee the production and conservation of excellent distillates.

The materials used are carefully selected among the best qualities available on the market and the technologies applied allow top-level manufacturing. Furthermore, the Granzotto systems ensure full compliance with high hygiene standards, providing full guarantees of the foreseen regulations on the matter.

Gli impianti per la produzione di bevande alcoliche

Complete installation for the management of liquids and fluids
Piping for the transfer and distribution of liquids and fluids
automation and software for process management and monitoring
Pigging system for product recovery
Cleaning in place for the hygienic treatment of plants
Process temperature management and control
modules tested and ready to use
auxiliary and complementary services for process plants


Industrial plants and systems, for the complete management of liquid products in the food, chemical and oenological sectors