Vinegar and glazes production plants are designed and built, selecting suitable materials for food contact and adopting advanced construction and processing techniques (e.g. welding and surface treatments) that guarantee the maintenance and quality of the plant and product over time

In vinegar and glaze production plants, process hygiene is closely tied to the quality of the surfaces that come into contact with the processed fluid. This quality depends not only on the material utilized but also on the processes it undergoes. During the construction of stainless steel plants used for product transportation, welds at junction points play a crucial role in preserving the material’s surface quality, and as such, they must be executed with great care and precision.

Granzotto’s production plants for vinegar and glaze benefit from the extensive experience of their design team and the wide variety of solutions offered by the company. In this context, the use of the Pigging System for recovering residual products in pipelines is particularly interesting. Adopting the PIG system reduces product waste, decreases cleaning and sanitation time and costs, maintains the plant in optimal hygienic and cleanliness conditions, and has a positive impact on the quality of the finished product.

Vinegar and glazes

Complete installation for the management of liquids and fluids
Piping for the transfer and distribution of liquids and fluids
automation and software for process management and monitoring
Pigging system for product recovery
Cleaning in place for the hygienic treatment of plants
Process temperature management and control
modules tested and ready to use
auxiliary and complementary services for process plants


Industrial plants and systems, for the complete management of liquid products in the food, chemical and oenological sectors