Oenological plants and wine production systems of great reliability and efficiency. More and more winemakers decide to build their plants with Granzotto thanks to the deep know-how acquired by those built in Italy and around the world.

Granzotto’s expertise, gained over decades of designing and realization of wine production plants, has led to highly engineered, reliable, and innovative solutions.

As a leader in the wine production industry, Granzotto values the many varieties of grapes and the related cultivation techniques in order to develop wine production systems that preserve quality and highlight the organoleptic characteristics of the final product.

To this end, Granzotto designs customized systems, ensuring flexibility and maximum precision in the technical and electronic solutions adopted.

Each system is created starting from a thorough research and selection of materials and construction methods, allowing the realization of original and effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

The scientific approach adopted by Granzotto leads to the creation of high-tech wine production systems that comply with the minimum requirements for Industry 4.0 projects, able to take into account the maturation times, environmental conditions, chemical and biological dynamics of the processed grapes, as well as reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

Gli impianti enologici per la produzione del vino

Complete installation for the management of liquids and fluids
Piping for the transfer and distribution of liquids and fluids
automation and software for process management and monitoring
Pigging system for product recovery
Cleaning in place for the hygienic treatment of plants
Process temperature management and control
modules tested and ready to use
auxiliary and complementary services for process plants


Industrial plants and systems, for the complete management of liquid products in the food, chemical and oenological sectors